Regulations at
Camping Lac des Plages

  1. The passerby commits to conform to all rules, without exception, and to make his/her family and guests respect them.
  2. General family admission includes 2 adults and 4 children (under 18 years old) of their respective parents.
  3. 1 camping unit is allowed by site.
  4. The passerby must check-out before 1 p.m.
  5. Check-in for all visitors is mandatory and must leaving before 11 p.m.
  6. The curfew is from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. However, respect for others is essential at all times. We strongly suggest those who enjoy disorder, extremely loud noises and music for another campsite because, on one hand, we do not want to disappoint you and, on the other hand, we wish to preserve the peaceful environment prevailing at Camping Lac-des-Plages. No hard feelings!
  7. Maximum speed limit is 10 km/h.
  8. ATV (4 wheelers) traffic are allowed from 9 Am. to 7.30 Pm. only for entering or exiting the camping. 
  9. The passerby must park vehicles on his/her site only or the attributed parking.
  10. Outside the opening hours, the passerby has to park his/her vehicle in the parking lot near the welcoming area.
  11. All trailers must be parked on designed parking.
  12. Bicycle traffic are allowed from dusk until dawn.
  13. Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult: at the swimming pool, at the beach, at the playground and in public areas.
  14. We welcome all dogs as long as our politics are respected. They are allowed on the passerby site only and must be on leash at all times.They must never be left without supervision. Their excrements must be picked up immediately. A maximum of two dogs per site allowed. Dog walker are permited on the street and exclusively by an adult. Dogs are not allowed in public areas such as: swimming pool, beach, playground, toilet block, front desk, community room, etc.
    Rules infringement result an immediate expulsion without any refund!
  15. All games played on the passerby site must be done in a safely manner and with discretion. Often, it is preferable that they are played at the camping’s playground.
  16. Glass containers are prohibited at the pool and the beach.
  17. It is formally prohibited to use soap or shampoo in the lake. The water is used for drinking by the neighbouring properties.
  18. It is formally prohibited to cut, prune, peel or make any damages to a tree.
  19. It is formally prohibited to move fireplaces.
  20. Never burn or leave garbage refuse in the fireplace.
  21. Garbage refuse must be placed inside a tied bag and dropped in the container at the reception.
  22. It is prohibited to use a HIBACHI (B.B.Q) on a picnic table.
  23. It is prohibited to wash a vehicle, ATV (4 wheelers) or caravan on the site.
  24. Cigarettes and other smoking products:
    Smoke-Free Zone: Since May 26, 2016, Bill #44 dictates that smoking is prohibited in the following public places: restaurants/bistros, convenience stores, community halls, terraces, sports fields, playgrounds, children's play areas, under marquees, laundry facilities, sanitary blocks, receptions or other public areas.

    For all sports fields including hiking trails, playgrounds and spectator areas, Bill #44 and the Tobacco Control Act is in effect at any time up to the property line.

    Outdoor children’s playgrounds (beach, parks), as well as the convenience store, reception area and the community halls; these places are covered by Bill #44 and prohibits smoking within 9 meters of these premises.

    All sites have ashtrays, please use them appropriately, it is prohibited to extinguish cigarettes on the ground or the surroundings of the lake. Smoking is prohibited in any ready-to-camp areas.
  25. Weapons and Firecrackers:
    Firearms, airguns, arrows, firecrackers and pyrotechnic parts are prohibited on the campground. (The management of Camping Lac des Plages reserves the right to use fireworks as part of special activities).
  26. No marketing or requests in any form will be tolerated, except with a special permission.
  27. We are not responsible for damage, fire, thefts, vandalism, etc..
  28. The owners or a campground representative are allowed to expulse without refund any locator or visitor judged undesirable.
  29. The owners have the rights to modify regulations at any time.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us. Thank you for choosing Camping Lac-des-Plages